Enabling anyone at any level to write successfully. 4-hour, intensive workshop on your premises, 9am–1pm or 1pm–5pm, using your documents as working examples.   How to unlevel the playing field and get your document into pole position at the expense of the competition. 4-hour, intensive workshop on your premises, 9am-1pm or 1pm-5pm, using your documents as working examples.
  Provide that extra boost of optimism at your next sales conference or away day.
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I have attached a copy of an old plant data sheet and a NEW one. Both represent the same piece of plant, but the new one is now used as a selling tool. And it works! The changes are a direct result of me attending your workshop. The new plant data sheet format will be rolled out for our entire fleet of equipment.
Once again, thank you so much for making this such a successful day. I have had great feedback. "The best course I have attended" and "Everything I forgot I had learned whilst studying journalism"

Recently we've tried to source report writing training for senior managers but the level and proposed content of most commercial providers just didn't meet what we're looking for. Your Nottingham session on the other hand covered 90% of the concerns the PCT has identified that make it difficult for people to penetrate our documents, particularly board reports.
Natalie Fennell, Business Development Manager, Soil Engineering, VINCI Construction
UK Limited
  Nicole Morse, Marketing Director, Jetix Europe, UK & Nordic
  Charlie Keeney, Assistant Chief Executive, Nottinghamshire County

The workshop was great. I used the tips and techniques to re-write copy for a brochure/proposal and the difference is huge. We just got it back from the designers in draft form and it's a much more powerful piece of text
    NHS Delegate
I have found your approach has really changed the way I approach writing, particularly:

• the key messages as subheads
• the traffic lights test
• the view of text as transactional

I had previously found my brow furrowed in a creative effort, but now have a wrinkle-free forehead!

I thought you should know what an impact your approach has made on me!

   NHS Delegate
I just wanted to let you know that I used your technique of writing for the scanner by putting the key message in the headers rather than hidden in the body of the text for a report I produced for a senior exec. The report was discussed as part of a large meeting this morning which my line manager attended.

When I saw her after the meeting she commented on how my report was quoted in the meeting and how surprised she was that someone as busy as this exec had had time to read the reports let alone remember what was in one of them. He's also planning to take forward the recommendations I made so the document achieved its aim.

I'd like to think that was down to the way I wrote it using your rules so thank you very much!
   NHS Delegate