I have attached a copy of an old plant data sheet and a NEW one. Both represent the same piece of plant, but the new one is now used as a selling tool. And it works! The changes are a direct result of me attending your workshop. The new plant data sheet format will be rolled out for our entire fleet of equipment.
Once again, thank you so much for making this such a successful day. I have had great feedback. "The best course I have attended" and "Everything I forgot I had learned whilst studying journalism"
Recently we've tried to source report writing training for senior managers but the level and proposed content of most commercial providers just didn't meet what we're looking for. Your Nottingham session on the other hand covered 90% of the concerns the PCT has identified that make it difficult for people to penetrate our documents, particularly board reports.
Natalie Fennell, Business Development Manager, Soil Engineering, VINCI Construction
UK Limited
  Nicole Morse, Marketing Director, Jetix Europe, UK & Nordic
  Charlie Keeney, Assistant Chief Executive, Nottinghamshire County

Just wanted to thank you for the huge contribution you made to our winning bid.
   Adam Andrews, Connect Plus
   Bid Manager, M25 DBFO
I have had great feedback from the Making Words Work courses.  I am already starting to see improvement from those that attended and I think this will give real tangible business benefits.  I now have others asking to go on it as a result of recommendations from those that attended.
   David Anderson, Head of Business
   Process and Quality, BAM Nuttall Ltd
One of the best common-sense presentations I have ever attended.  John was a very good presenter.  I felt honoured to be there.
   Siemens Healthcare delegate