Sometimes you may just want someone to look at a piece of text to double-check it’s doing the best job.  Someone who has the skills to improve a headline, or simply to professionally proof-read the copy.  And there are situations where a second opinion can be useful.  Little improvements often lever extraordinary results.

Our service is founded on tools and techniques developed successfully over the past 40 years.  The singular focus is on your text achieving the desired result, which might include:

  • A piece of direct marketing aiming for a percentage response
  • A report requiring feedback
  • A high-ticket bid that has to win
  • A policy or instruction document needing to be read, understood and actioned
  • A sales brochure that produces orders
  • Any document whose spelling and grammatical accuracy are critical

There are occasions, however, when the job is too minor to bother with onerous purchasing protocols, especially in larger organisations.  So the task never sees the light of day.  This is where the omnibus Purchase Order comes into its own.  Like the NHS, it gives you and yours 24/7 access on demand to our full range of Copy Doctor skills.  No job is too small or fiddly.  Each month, we bill in detail against your omnibus PO, just like a sinking fund.  And you can cancel at any time.