4th June 2018, the National Memorial Arboretum

Dedication of the Nursing Memorial
by HRH The Countess of Wessex GCVO

front l to r: Margaret Brealey, VAD RN;
HRH The Countess of Wessex, Royal Patron;
Ethel Lote, Dunkirk Nurse; Major James Salt, Trustee

Drewry’s Wordsmiths have worked with the Nursing Memorial Appeal for over five years, producing the written publicity.  We have been responsible for fundraising through the production of John Drewry’s play NO WAY BACK, about the Voluntary Aid Detachment, followed by our A/V presentation TIME TO THANK THEM, which we have staged all over the UK.

The culmination on 4th June 2018 was the successful result of raising £90,000 for the memorial itself and project managing the dedication by the Appeal’s Royal Patron, HRH The Countess of Wessex GCVO.  Drewry’s Wordsmiths wrote the speeches and memorial dedication text, produced the programmes and name badges, and staged two of our actors, Diana Scougall and Eunice Drewry, to present respectively Eva Dobell’s poem NIGHT DUTY, and John Drewry’s LETTERS HOME.

The Memorial, with the names of all the nurses who died in service during the two World Wars etched into the ocean areas of the globe
Stonemason Nick Johnson, Sculptress Georgie Welch

l to r: Sonja Curtis, Secretary; Canon Michael Rawson;
HRH The Countess of Wessex, Royal Patron

Eunice Drewry, LETTERS HOME

l to r: Sonja Curtis, Secretary; Canon Michael Rawson;
Diana Scougall, actress; Eunice Drewry, actress; John Drewry, Patron

l to r: Eunice Drewry, actress; Barbara Hallows, Chair

Julian Fellowes with John Drewry and his cast
at the 2013 premiere of NO WAY BACK

l to r: John Drewry, Malcolm Banham, Suzanna Rickman, Julian Fellowes,
Kate Loughran, Eunice Drewry, Diana Scougall

Onwards and upwards with Extreme Nursing Today

We move from the past to the future, with an ongoing, living legacy of the Nursing Memorial Appeal.  Fundraising continues, in support of the extraordinary individuals today who are prepared to go beyond the call of routine nursing and put their lives at risk.  We will be funding training and research grants for students in humanitarian and conflict nursing.  This will ensure a permanent link between yesterday’s heroines and tomorrow’s savers of lives.

Extreme Nursing Today – medical training exercises at Warcop, Cumbria,
courtesy of the Army Medical Services

National Trust

“JAW-JAW, Churchill’s immortal speeches”, a drama documentary commissioned especially for the 50th Anniversary celebrations at Chartwell, and staged in June 2015.


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