A toolbox of techniques to help transform your text into a winning bid

MODULE 1 – The Opening Key
Ensuring a robust, client-centric structure from the beginning
The ITT has come in.  How will you deal with it?  What are your Key Win Themes?  This tool unlocks them at your very first brainstorm.

MODULE 2 – The Separator
Distilling the message from the detail, to bring your body text instantly to life
Key messages are often hidden in your essay-style text.  This tool finds them and exploits them.

MODULE 3 – The Traffic Lights Analyser
Identifying, measuring and exploiting the potency of your text
This tool reviews where the potency is in your text.  And where it isn’t!  It’s like putting on a pair of X-Ray Spex!

MODULE 4 – The Wordsmith
Hammering your body text into shape for easy readability
The quicker and easier it is to read your text, the more successful your document will be.  This tool is based on old copywriters’ tricks of the trade.

The workshop is bespoke to the client, using your own documents for delegates to practise the techniques. It is normally facilitated at the client’s venue.  However, if you prefer, we can host your workshop in London SW1 at our Whitehall facilities.